Chroma Hills

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As you're aware, there has been an issue regarding fireworks and Elytra not working together properly. The plugin that caused this was our cosmetics plugin, though thankfully it came with it's own solution.

Every player on the network now has access to the firework gadget! This firework DOES affect your velocity when using an Elytra, so hopefully there won't be any more problems using it.

You can find the firework by doing the command: /uc menu gadgets
You'll find the firework on the second page by clicking the Ender Eye!
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We know it's taken us a while to get updated and hopefully it won't be an issue in future, but we've finally updated to 1.11.2! If there are any issues or bugs, please let a member of staff know immediately or post in the Bug Reports section on the forums. You can find more information about 1.11 here, including new blocks, mobs and more:

We've had a lot going on behind the scenes which is why it's taken us so long to update. All the servers have been moved to new machines, and we've also got some new things in development. We're also working on some new stuff for current gamemodes as well, so plenty of things to come!

We apologise to everyone that has gotten frustrated/left us for lack of updates, and we understand that things should have been sorted quicker. Along with the update, we're working on a new system that helps us update quicker in future so we don't have this problem again.
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There have been a few things updated in the last week or so, below is a quick recap.


added redstone and arrows to skyblock shop
added afk timer to prevent future issues with lag due to players afk'ing
added coop permission you can now allow other players temporary full access to your island with /is coop <playername>. this will last until one of you log out or you remove the permission.​
The Christmas event is now open! This event will be open until Dec. 30th. The new warps are available in game type /warps while on the events server to take a look. Christmastown should be your first warp, you will find a warp/info board
While you are in the Christmas event area you will be invincible so no starving :D
Build contest:
The build world will be closed and wiped...​
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Helloooooo people of Chroma Hills!

Now, I'm sure quite a few of you have been online before when we've had to fix/update things and know the pain of us restarting the server every 5 minutes, but we're going to be trying something new to avoid this!

Starting this week, we'll be using Sundays as our dedicated update day. The network will be unavailable for an hour from 5pm CST so we can perform updates, fixes and whatever else may need doing! This should hopefully remove the need for us to restart too often during the week (aside from hotfixes and scheduled restarts).

This should also mean we get a little more time to work on new content for you guys (and we may even have some new things for you to play with this week!), so we'll see how it goes!
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**Small edit to costs, titles are 5 not 10 cookies, pet and claimblocks will be 15**

To start off I want to say thank you to everyone for their patience. This event was the first we have done of the type as a team. We will have better info going into events in the future so you all know what to expect. THE BUILD CONTEST WILL BE IN A SEPARATE THREAD.

With that said let's talk about some prizes and things you can turn in those hard earned cookies for!

Gadgets: 10 cookies each
Bat blaster - Like a shotgun, but with bats!
Explosive sheep - Tick, tick, tick......BOOM!
Paint ball gun - Paint the town!

Pet: 15 cookies
Pumpling - have a baby pumpkin to follow you

Mounts: 20 cookies each
Infernal horror - Bone Horse
Walking dead - Zombie Horse
Snake - Kind of like a sheep-centipede
Spider - You are the Spider Jockey now!

Particle effects: 15 cookies each
Rain cloud - Some days it just rains
Blood helix - Dark power...
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The resource world was regenerated on 1/Aug/2016.

Please remember do not build anything in the resource world and do not leave things there. We have holographic warnings and a broadcast every 10 minutes in the resource world to warn of this.

The resource world is so you can gather materials without digging up everything in the real world. Happy mining.
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Our Buycraft is now open again!

You can find it at, or by using the link in the nav bar!

Anything on there is pay what you want. We don't want to limit you with prices and we really appreciate any donations you want to give to us!
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EDIT: The server is now open!

Hello people! As we said in the last post, we'll try to keep you updated as much as possible!

Tomorrow at 5pm GMT we will be opening the basic survival server you were told about. It'll just have basic /home, pvp toggle, and a claiming system so your builds don't get griefed.

After people have gotten settled into the new survival server, we'll work on getting your first test server up and the gamemode we'll be working on is Chromageddon! We'll give you more news as it gets closer to the time and we'll give you a list of things to keep an eye out for and where to send any suggestions!
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As you've all most likely noticed CH has been very quiet lately. Mainly because we've had a lot of things to think about regarding the EULA and what we can do to make the network more interesting for all of you. We've now got a good idea of what we'd like to do and decided it's time to share it with you all! You can find most of the information here:

We want to make this server more about you guys and to do this, we want to give you a bigger say in how things work and the ideas that go into our servers. There'll be more ideas and updates down the line, but at the moment this is what we plan to start with.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce that Zquirrels, Tsulea and RawrImDragon will be taking on a lot more work within the network and are our 3 newest Admins!

We look forward to hearing what you guys think about where we want to go with CH!
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As many of you know, a couple of months ago we had an issue where a hacker group made it onto our server and caused a lot of issues on our Creative server. Unfortunately due to this, we lost a lot of peoples hard work and had a huge security flaw we had to figure out how to prevent. We still have some of your old builds and are looking at ways you guys can access them and get a copy for yourself.

While this was a big step backwards for our server, we took this as an opportunity to recreate it. As of today, we have reopened the new Creative server with a few new additions in the form of custom roads, design, and a new /heads menu!

The server is still in development, and we want to hear what kind of things you would like to see on there!