Chroma Hills

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What is this Chromageddon, you ask?

Chromageddon is a possible reality, the aftermath of a massive environmental disaster in the Lands of Chroma. The oceans have turned into deadly acid that kills players, mobs, and most animals. Few creatures are immune. The survivors are scattered across fragments of lands floating in a sea of acid. Even the acid rain can kill you! Your mission is to survive, thrive, solve the mysterious cause of the acid, and perhaps save the world from this ghastly end.

Chromageddon is an original, custom game developed by the awesome Chroma Hills staff to go beyond normal Survival, beyond Skyblock, and into the realm of ultimate mastery of Minecraft 1.9 game mechanics. You need to know the inner workings of vanilla Minecraft - from biomes to crafting, from mob spawning to multiplying dirt. Armed with that knowledge, we challenge you even as you advance. Survive starvation only to experience thirst. Survive thirst only to be vexed by diseases.

The deadly...
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Good News! Chroma Hills servers now support Minecraft 1.9 clients (no mods please*). You can now play Clans of Chroma with 1.9 or 1.8. We will be releasing several new servers soon which are 1.9 only. Come back soon for some exciting new, exclusive servers custom developed by CH staff for your gaming pleasure! You will be able to really test your MC mettle very soon.

Don't forget to grab the famous Chroma Hills Resource Pack for 1.9 for the full Chroma Hills experience.

* shader mods and optifine are allowed
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Hi everyone, with the recent release of Minecraft 1.9 people have been struggling to get onto Chroma Hills. The server has not been updated to 1.9, and wont be for a while. You will need to change your profile back to 1.8.9. If you don't know how to do this a tutorial for it is here:
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Welcome to the new forum for the Chroma Hills Network! Hopefully you guys find this a bit easier to use than the old forum which is now being used just for the resource pack!

You can find a link to the Resource Pack website at the top of the page!
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